Sports Game Key features:

  • Pick up all new items
  • Construct new tennis courts
  • Build a basketball court
  • Build a bowling alley
  • Use your own phone to play
  • Save and share your progress
Complete the game and see how you performed

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  • Discover the mysteries of the mining caves
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Fiasco Restoration And Repair

Take control of Vinci, a small town in a middle-age where even the simplest invention is more than enough to set the world on fire. Bring people back to life, repair the damage, take revenge on those who hurt your loved ones and do your best to keep your fellow townspeople alive.
Ready for action!
Levels of Game play
Story mode
You start in a quiet town, but you have to get your hands dirty, go to the garage, find your tool and get your hands dirty. Choose your work site (from a street, a house, or a car), start working, and do your best to keep the fire away. Repair objects, help people who ask, find the proper tools, and keep yourself and your fellow citizens alive!
Lighting up the world
You’re the leader of your little village. Do you want to help everyone? Then fight fire with fire! With your trusty Arque.BLAST! you can light it up, blow it off, fire a bunch of them in short time, get out of the way as they fly towards your enemies and enemies run away in fear as they see a Flamethrower heading their way!
Dracarys them all!
Equip a Flamethrower and enjoy the joy of giving a huge fireball to your enemies. Throw a Flamethrower at one of them, and they’re in for a real surprise!
Before they can recover, just light them up with one of your shots of blazing fire.
The player moves with the WASD keys. He can look around the world by using the mouse. The player’s tank moves with the mouse. He can fire his weapon by clicking and holding the mouse button. The player can jump by pressing the Space bar.
The player can pick up everything on the ground, and he can throw, pick up, or store it in the garage. When he has used all his storage space, he will put items he is unable to pick up on the ground or into the ground.
The player must repair all the items at his work site. As the player progresses the objects will be in need of repair. He must repair the items on the ground and in a box.
Since each item can only be repaired once, the player must remember where he was to get the necessary tools to repair the object. With the floor plan at the beginning of the game, one can easily make plans for his route.
As the player


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New Game: Space Conqueror v1.2 – “The Betrayal” – Vote for this Game:
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New Game: Space Conqueror v1.2 – “The Betrayal” – Build a Rocket Shuttle to Explore an AncientAlienZone.
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What’s new:


The Fiasco Restoration and Repair Book is a glossary of words, phrases and idioms related to the field of home restoration and professional home service contracting. Developed by Carter, Kassel, and Briggs, the author-editors have compiled a list of proven terms and concepts that they have used in their careers, providing the source and context of the materials discussed. The Fiasco Restoration and Repair Book was published in October 2007 and is the second in a three volume series of home restoration books that includes the expert reference Fiasco’s Ten Commandments for Home Restoration.The Fiasco’s Ten Commandments series.

The title Fiasco Restoration and Repair Book: Words, phrases and idioms were used during the process of making the glossary. The research for the book’s definition of Fiasco Included a number of unabridged dictionaries and scientific sources, such as Lexicographical, Periodical, and Reference Works. Other terms were used in organization with a variety of standards. Such as the American Heritage Dictionary and Encyclopedia, Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, Electric Grey’s Glossary of Construction Terms, American National Standards Institute’s Dictionary and Index of terms for the Construction Industry, ITE’s NTI-2, Merriam Webster, Webster’s New World Dictionary, and A Handbook of Construction and Home Improvement Terms.

The chapters of the book are organized and understood to mirror the six Restoration and Repair tasks, demonstrating the various roles of the trades and the progression of a project.


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– DirectX9, DX10, DX11 or DX11 with directx version 9.0c with the latest service pack
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– AMD Athlon X2, Athlon X2+, Phenom II or Intel Pentium 4 (3.2 GHz) or newer
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